The Longs

I like to write. A lot.

These are the longer things and series I've written, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

London Calling

My true story of working and playing there in 1997 and 1998.  It don't think you'll find it boring.

Soft on People, Tough on Crime

My realistic fantasy of a better society: Everybody gets a job, and everybody has a place to live. Those that don't play nice get in increasing amounts of trouble.


The Front Desk at The Hotel SOPTOC

The Hotel SOPTOC: Short Stays

A Jobs Program for SOPTOC

The Hotel SOPTOC: Longer Stays + Paying For It

It Was . . . 

My continuing series of explaining how we got here.

. . . Allen Dulles (Shadow Government)

. . . The Warren Commission (Lack of Trust in Government)

. . . ExxonMobil (Slowing Action on Climate Change)

. . . The U.S. Senate (Why Trump is Still Around)

. . . Not Just Jack Welch (It Was Bechtel, Also)

. . . St. Patrick's Day (Why So Many December Babies?)

. . . Jack Welch (Destruction of Stakeholder Capitalism)

. . . The Department of Defense (Collapse of Afghanistan)

Lottery Winner

Or:  How I May Just Be The Luckiest Person You Know.

Part I

Part II

The Electrifying Conclusion

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