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Get Smarter And Better:  Lifestyle.  Travel.  Business.  Current events.  Music.

Here's where I put the deep dives and people and things I find informative.  Some I wrote myself.

Travel Guide 2023

Travel Guide 2022

Gratitude & Taming the Mind

On Managing Teams:  A Monograph

The Clufffalo Numbers:  2020

Travel Guide 2021

On Entrepreneurship:  A Monograph

America After 9/11

Frank Sinatra


Urban Development & Transportation in America

America's Drinking Problem

A Great Article on Polarization

Understanding How We Got Here

Heather Cox Richardson

My Hero, Scott Galloway

The Brilliant Paul Haughey and His Definitive "Divided and Conquered"

My Collection of 2020 Stories

An Anonymous Reader's Explanation of Conservatism

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