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It's the Music that Matters

Music is my thing.  Especially with my encouragement, some will even acknowledge I have a degree of musical taste.  It maybe even comes ahead of travel in terms of my passions.

But you can listen for yourself.  Below are links to some select KLUF playlists I've put on Spotify.  Enjoy.

Also, I hope you'll subscribe to my newsletter - in each, I provide a link where you can stream a fine album in high-resolution from my collection of the same.  Fall behind?  No problem.  Here is a continually updated list of every album I've posted.

Beach Boys

British Invasion


Def Leppard


Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters (Acoustic)


Jazz Guitar


Motown and R&B

New Orleans

Pool Party

Porcupine Tree


Rolling Stones Live


Steely Dan

Stevie Wonder


New for 2023! 


Monster playlists as only KLUF can build them.  I hope you give these a try - TIDAL subscribers will have the best experience, but they're out there on Spotify, too.


KLUF:  Classic Rock (TIDAL) (Spotify)

KLUF:  Harder Rock (TIDAL) (Spotify)

KLUF:  Modern Rock (TIDAL) (Spotify)

KLUF:  Ultra Chill (TIDAL) (Spotify)

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